Forrest Krafts

We are Erich and Bianca Jamneck. A husband and wife duo who have spend most of our Lives in the hospitality industry. We both started out as rangers and then worked our way up the ranks into management positions which allowed us the opportunity to work in some of the most amazing places south africa has to offer. We have collectively spent 30 years in the hospitality industry and we have pretty much always worked in the outdoors. We both have a passion for nature and the outdoors and both have a love for the natural calmness that nature and big trees bring into people’s lives.

So when the pandemic hit South Africa we were based on a Game Reserve in the eastern cape, but with the damage that the pandemic had on the tourism industry as a whole we were both unfortunately retrenched and this meant that we had to face the reality that we would have to move back home and start a whole new life with our toddler. We had to adapt to life in a big city when we were all very bush wise rather than city smart. So we started looking for jobs in and around the area and we all know what the job market is doing at the moment so it proved to be a lot more difficult that we anticipated. So Erich had a few ideas running in his head about what we could do and how we could make some money to take care of our little family but we never really came up with something that we thought was different and would peak peoples interest, until we had an epiphany one night and we decided that the one thing we both knew was that we have both always had an interest in woodworking but it was never really more than a hobby as the tourism industry takes up quite a bit of your time but we bough some tools over the years and made some of our own furniture as side projects. So we decided why not see if people would like our ideas and the designs we come up with and turned out people loved them. We are both fans of raw natural wood, but the painted items were something that is completely different and that’s what we are about. So we decided that rather than working for someone behind a desk everyday we can still be outside in our little workshop and do something we are both passionate about and enjoy as well.

So Erich is the Handyman/ Woodworker and Makes sure the items are made to the best possibly quality and Bianca is the Creative one who makes sure the designs of the items we craft look great so together we compliment each other nicely.

So people always have to pay an arm and a leg for custom made wood pieces and when we started we decided that we would give people the best quality items we could produce , but make sure it would still stay affordable for everyone. So why buy a really expensive mass produced wood piece when you can support local and buy something for the same price or cheaper made especially for you?

Our plan for the future. We really hope that people love our brand enough that we can keep doing it for many years to come and support our family and still do what we love doing. The joy of it at the moment is that we are able to teach our son some amazing woodworking skills which is a skillset he can take with him for the rest of his life and in the same sense we are both still learning and growing as we go along which to us is the most exciting thing about it and why we love doing what we do now.

Our hope is also that we can show people what a plain and simple raw wood product can become once you have given it the needed TLC it deserves. People are so use to mass produced wood items that all look the same and have all been treated the same that everything thats available now a days all looks the same or is made from the same “boring” wood when there are endless other options to choose from. Woodworking is an ancient technique which has been around for centuries and with good reason. Were just hoping that people see that wood can be so much more than just a boring piece of furniture but instead a beautiful everyday functional art piece for everyone to enjoy.

Vintage & Antiques

Stefan Lategan , the owner of Vintage & Antiques, became my neighbour when we bought the farm near Calitzdorp & started the first SMITSWINKEL in 2010. He was still in school but already an entrepreneur by nature. Selling food & groceries out of the family kitchen to the workers on the farm, helping his mother with farming ostriches and other animals, selling plants and building up old cars with his dad. I don’t know how he fitted schoolwork in too.

I was not surprised when soon after school he came to George and started the very successful Bargain Box! Today he is a very successful business man and I honor him.



Hi, my name is Luiza R. Collins I have always been artistic since a young girl and in Grade 1 my teacher mentioned to my parents how creative I was.  I took art as a subject until matric but unfortunately, when I left high school I didn’t persue art professionally.  I pursued a different career path but I always knew that I could not just give up on my art and in my late 20’s I went for art lessons to learn to paint in oils with an interesting and outspoken art teacher for over 5 years.  I fell in love with oils and have continued ever since with my passion and do it part-time.  I am adventurous and also like to try new styles of art every now and again and I love colour!  My favourite artist is Vincent Van Gogh simply because he was an artist ahead of his time, he was his own person and he also loved colour!  My goal is to continue to create, improve my skills and have more of my art hanging in people’s homes.  I love painting beautiful scenery, nature, animals and just generally anything that inspires me!  I draw on occasion and write poetry only when inspired.  I also love to cook and perhaps in another life I would have been a chef 🙂

Rag Rats

The Moir family I met 5 years ago when we moved to George. We rented their beautiful cottage on the edge of Victoria heights. I learned quickly that this family is a family full of adventure & always ready for experiences & new discoveries. Very much unafraid! And always with a ready hand to help others.

Sandy is always ready to create new things & soon the family has to jump in and help. So when lock down came I wasn’t surprise that she was one of the first people that started making masks. Then I heard of the beautiful bags she is making. Enjoy their creative journey on our website and feel free to order from them.

Pencil sketch


I have always had this dream to put on paper through pencil and charcoal what I see with my eyes and feel when I look at something beautiful
In Nov 2017 I drew a wolf and realized that I can do this. I have tried before but because I did not deal with trauma from my youth I used to be very critical on myself and when I tried to draw… But last 10 years I have been working hard on healing, my faith, and speaking to myself the way God would lovingly speak to me. Now I can sit and create my art, believe that God works with me with each sketch to get the effect… He is the original artist after all who better than to learn from and to draw inspiration from,
Since 2017 I have seen my skills develop and I am truly grateful to be able to create.
My Logo is a Dandelion. I am inspired by this little plant, it has healing power, it grows in the most unlikely places and when we blow on its seeds we make a wish and this speaks to me about hope. And God commands us in Zechariah 9 to be prisoners of Hope. Hope is what got me through healing from trauma, overcome lupus and chronic pain, helps me be a mom, wife and manager
Hope is life giving and I hope my art speaks of that

Zechariah 9:12

Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope;
even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.


“Your value is more precious than jewels and your worth is far above rubies and pearls.” ~Proverbs 31:10
JUA WORTHY is all about knowing that YOU ARE WORTHY. God values you more than anything on this planet.
Fashion design has always been a passion of mine. I love wearing clothes that make me feel confident and I hope you’ll find yours here!”

Juanette Spangenberg , 16 years old student from George. I met her on the beach of Victoria bay while her mother took photos of her beautiful new clothing range. What caught my eye was this bright light & sparkle that jumped from her eyes & being. Her enthusiasm & joy for life was eminent.

This is what I love about the lock- in….creative juices starts flowing & the trees are shaken to bring out those stirring thoughts, ideas, feelings…that would otherwise have been lost in the rush of business. And Juanette responded to this stirring & today it is with gratefulness that I can put her new venture under our tree.

From ponchos to light flowing dresses….she will be able to help you. You will not only be a garment richer but also find a friend. Watch this space!

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Marianne & Tanja

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