Community Projects

The world is full of creative people, but in some communities many of these people are constantly struggling to survive financially and feel hopeless and overwhelmed by their socio-economic circumstances. They have no idea where to begin to generate an income that can help sustain them and their families.

This is where community projects that are run by churches, schools, community based NGO’s or talented and caring individuals often offer the only hope of a better life to struggling families and individuals. By teaching basic handwork and entrepreneurial skills, they offer a chance at upliftment from poverty and restore dignity and self reliance among those who have long ago given up on themselves and their families. Please support these projects by buying products from their stores on our website.

There is no bigger encouragement than success!

If you would like to register your community project as vendor, visit the ‘Become a vendor‘ page and register as vendor. Be sure to click the ‘Community Project’ checkbox.