Welcome to the Village Tree Marketplace

The story of our tree

In every small village there is a tree. A meeting place for young and old, a place to shelter from the sun and catch up on the daily lives of neighbours and friends. The tree is a place where deals are struck, plans are made and naps are taken. It’s a place where new ideas are hatched and time is passed with crafting and selling to whoever is interested. In the global village we live in today, we have become quite alienated from that tree. We still yearn for it, but most of us spend our lives rushing past the tree on our way to work or in search of happiness.

The Village Tree Community Marketplace is an online version of the tree in that village. It is a hub where  Tree Dwellers and Rushers By can meet up, exchange a friendly message and buy and sell products not usually available in commercial shops.

We aim to give artists, crafters and small business entrepreneurs who specialise in handcrafted and unique items, but are generally too far away from big markets or cities to successfully sell their products, an opportunity to tap into the vast market the internet has to offer. We welcome any crafters and community projects with a bit of ambition to come and join us under our tree.